The Best Free Bloging Sites

Everybody desires an excellent website to show his presence on World Wide Web. In this regard, you are trying to post high quality content. An attractive blog is the best tactics to growing up your business. You can use blogs for personal and business purposes. If you are thinking to create a blog then here are many Bloging platforms for sharing thoughts and earn online.


  • WordPress

WordPress is the top most free bloging platform to share thoughts with others. Too many templates are available to look your blog stunning. If you don’t like existing templates and designs, you can design your own one. This blog gives you the feature of Built-In analytical function that allows you to check the number of users on your blog. WordPress is suitable for both experienced and first time blogger. The thing that really matters is your content for SEO. So try to choose best SEO in Pakistan for Google Ranking.

  • BlogSpot

BlogSpot is the best bloging site for beginners. There are few templates. But the good thing is that BlogSpot gives you the access of creating fonts, images and many others thing. Google analytical tool that is available in the dashboard allow you to check the traffic of your site. The best feature of this site is, you can earn some extra money by monetizing the Google Ad-sense in your site. In this regard, you can take services of Web designing companies in Lahore to modify the blog and increase its look.

  • LiveJournal

LiveJournal give us an advance feature of social networking by take part in community discussion. In this Blog site, you find people of common interest related to your blog. Through this blog, you can comment on others blog to create your samples.

  • Moveable Type

This type of bloging site is being very popular among many countries of the world. It has ability to prominent social networking websites. Because of its main feature, ‘’Content Management System’’ bloggers can make personal and professional websites both. It is becoming world’s demanding blog platform.

  • com

It is a renowned for bloging a micro website with an advance feature of Drag and Drop. It also includes social media feature to enhance the bloging. This bloging site gives an extra opportunity to earn money with Content Management System by design the website of other clients.

  • com

It is user friendly free bloging site. It becomes more renowned in the world of technology. is designed in such a way to easily understand by anyone. User can share images, videos and ideas or thoughts. It also has social media networking that gives user to a hassle-free environment to share his thinking. Too much stunning themes allow you to make a fine blog that is ever best feature. In this blog site, you can synchronize your account with many other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

  • org

If you are belongs to teaching profession or education profession, then is best blog site for you. With the help of this site, you can create your own informative page and also resolve the problem of other teachers and students. It also allows you to upload pictures, videos and other helpful material to guide other people.

  • com is very popular blog site and is powered by WordPress. There are plenty of themes that you can use to make your blog stunning and attractive. You can post content and images also to make your blog better. Many Web Designing Companies in Lahore offer ‘’Blog Customization Services’’ you can use them to make changes in blog.

A fantastic feature of this blog is that it allows you to get solutions of your queries to the others on different topics.

Therefore, if you want to create a brand or guide others by the awareness you have, a best bloging platform helps you to achieve your goals without spending money.


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